Whole House Water Filter WH3

Whole House Water Filter

Triple protection whole house water filtration system removes bacteria, chemicals and contaminants for your entire home.

One triple action inline filter purifies the water for your entire house. When there is bacteria and other contaminants flowing into your home from well or city water, you'll find peace of mind knowing all of the water coming into your home will be safe and clean. You'll be able to drink this water from the kitchen sink, including drinking water for all the bathrooms for brushing your teeth and then bathing in clean bacteria free water. This advanced water filtration system does an outstanding job. Every water faucet flows clean and healthy water.

City or well water is no problem for this water filtering system. The choice is yours and depends completely on your clean water needs of city or well water inline filtering. Just let us know which water source you need to address and for no additional charge well send you the WH3 for well or city water needs. We also offer extra anti-bacterial filtering at no additional charge.

We think it's the best water filter system for the whole house in the industry.

Triple Protection ~ Whole House WH3 Water Filtration

This inline filter can handle up to 12 gallons per minute running throughout your entire home. That's like three (3) showers running at once. Larger systems are available upon request. The Whole House Triple (WH3) protection filtration system includes three 20" canisters that hold some of the most advanced filtration media on the planet.

Whole House Water Filter Triple Protection WH3 removes bacteria, chemicals and other harmful contaminants from city or well water for the whole house. All faucets in your home will have clean and purified water flowing from them for drinking, bathing and all of your household needs.

Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration:

  • Healthy drinking water out of every faucet in your home.
  • Chlorine and chemical free showers and bathing.
  • Safe, clean water for cooking and cleaning.
  • National Science Foundation (NFS) Approved.
  • Fill reusable water bottles at home, instead of buying bottled water.
  • Helps preserve appliances and fixtures that chlorine, sediment, chemicals, and other contaminants will slowly deteriorate.
  • Yearly filter replacement is fast and easy. (less than 10 minutes).
  • DVD step by step installation guide. Installs in a few hours, inside or outside.
  • Mounts on the wall.

NSF Mark Chanson Water Co., Ltd. has the ISO-9001 Certification NSF International. NSF International is an accredited, third-party certification body that tests and certifies products to verify they meet public health and safety standards. Products that meet these standards bear the NSF Mark, which is respected by consumers, manufacturers, retailers and regulatory agencies at the local, state, federal and international level.


  • Size:  24.25" wide X 27.5" high x 8" depth.
  • Weight: 65 lbs.
  • Water Flow Rate: 12 Gallons per minute.
  • Water Pressure: 10-120 PSI.
  • Capacity: 30,000 Gallons or 1 year of use by a family of 4.
  • Power Consumption: 0 watts.
  • Plumbing Requirements: 1" inlet and 1" outlet (no drain).
  • Installation Locations: Indoor or Outdoor, has wall mount bracket for hanging.

whole house water filtration wh3

For healthy drinking water to showering and bathing; this advanced and powerful water filtration system handles the whole house.

We offer the lowest price for the Whole House Triple WH3 water filter online. If you see a lower price, we can and will beat it. Give us a call at 800 359-3006 and we'll take care of your questions, concerns and make sure you get the lowest price possible.

Let us know if this water filtration system is for city or well water. We adjust filters for well water systems. If you need extra anti-bacterial filtering we've got you covered at no additional cost. Just let us know at checkout which water source you need filtered and if more protection for bacteria is needed.

Item: Whole House Water Filter WH3
Weight: 39.00 lbs
Market price: $954.95
Our price: $694.95
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whole house water filtration wh3
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Galvin
    This solved my bacteria problem with our well water and enough flow to pour 5,000 gallons a week to meet our needs. Nothing else worked for us before, so we are very pleased.


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